Inspired by the fervour and optimism of the newly independent Singapore, Madam Ong set up her first bak kwa stall in 1969. It was a winning formula, and the heavenly scent of her barbecued meat attracted Singaporeans from all walks of life to share in this tradition. The brand was named in Chinese, meaning "Fragrance", after the aromatic fragrance of the barbecued meat.

Madam Ong's descendants, the Tan family, has continued championing the spirit of Singapore with their irresistible barbecued selections as well as nostalgic Singaporean snacks. It's the Singaporean spirit of celebrating the past while embracing the future that has driven Fragrance forward to become one of the region's fastest growing chains and leaders in barbecued meats.

Come share the passion and enthusiasm of Madam Ong and our traditional favourites at Fragrance.

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